DC Carpentry specializes in interior remodeling and space reconfiguration with special focus on kitchen upgrades. Many houses in the District were built for life lived in a different rhythm than today's fast-paced balance of home and work. Homeowners sometimes feel that the only way to remedy that situation is to make more space by adding on to the house.

It's my view that it's often best to reconfigure your existing spaces to accommodate the more open layout that defines today's living requirements.

Our services include all aspects of home repair:

  • Remodeling
    • Kitchen and bath
    • Space reconfiguration
  • Installation
    • Doors
    • Stairs
    • Decks and porches
  • Renovation
    • Updating fixtures, cabinets and trim
    • Built-ins
    • Closets
  • Accommodations
    • Aging-in-place accessories
    • Disability adjustments

How much does it cost?

One of the biggest unknowns in approaching a home improvement project is the cost. DC Carpentry will help to take the uncertainty out of the planning process.

We have the skills and experience necessary to assess your goals and needs – and then make a plan that meets your expectations about cost.

At the first, no cost consultation, owner Steve Crocker will discuss your plans and make suggestions that will accommodate your preferences, and whenever possible, offer options that can lower the cost.

Whatever price we agree on is what you will be charged.